Krn Altitude: 2245m, Julian Alps, part of Triglav national park, Slovenia, Europe. (Slovensko)

One of the biggest mountains of Julian Alps.

Not exactly by altitude. But it is equal to his northern brothers by its relativ altitude, because the peak rises more than 2000 meters above Soca valley! Just a few peaks in Julian Alps boast with this.

With a tipical and easy recognized shape it rises above other peaks in the Krn mountain group. This group somehow moved away from the other mountain grups of Julian Alps, it is placed farthest to the south and thus closest to the sea. Distance between Krn and Adriatic sea is only about 50 km (32 miles).

And because of that Krn is biger then most of the other higher peaks by another characteristic - magnificant view. When the weather is fine it is possible to see beside Julian Alps also gulf of Triest, Furlania, Soca valley and Idrijca valley, horizon iz closed by Karavanke mountains and Kamnik Alps in the north-east, Sneznik and Ucka mountain in the south-east, Dolomite Alps in the west and Tauern Mts. in the north-west.

There are many marked foothpaths to the top of Krn:

  • from Krn village - 3h,
  • from Dreznica village: eastern variant - 4h; western variant - 4h (subvariant Korenova - 4h),
  • from Lepena valley: to the Krn lake - 2h; from the lake to the top - 2.30h,
  • from Razor mountain pasture - 7h,
  • from the spring of Tolminka river - 5h,
  • from Komna plateau: passing Krn lake - 5h; across Prehodci pass - 4.30h,
  • from Tolmin: passing mountains Mrzli vrh, Rdeci rob and lake Luznica - 9h.

About 100 meter under peak there is Gomiscek mountain hut. It has 50 beds. Managed by Alpine club Nova Gorica. It is opened in summer season.

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Soca valley and krn
Na Polju mountain pasture with krn
Dreznica village with krn
krn lake
Kobarid and krn
Damjan 1997